Scientific journal "Bulletin of the Dnipropetrovsk University. Geology, Geography "was founded in 1993 and is one of the leading professional publications in the field of «Earth Science». The international magazine has been recognized by its adoption in 2017 to Web of Science and more than 20 well-known science-based databases. The collection includes articles containing new materials covering a wide range of issues in geology, geotectonics, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geoecology, hydrometeorology and geography. Considerable attention is paid to the problems of genetic diversity and preservation of the geological heritage, to the question of correlation of the southern border of the distribution of the Dnieper (Riss) glacial, The possibility of restoration of the salt industry in Zakarpattya is considered, the analysis of the territorial organization of population settlement and geodemographic processes is presented, the model of landscape - ecological zoning of Ukraine is proposed. Some aspects of modeling of geodynamic risk on the territories of spreading of subsurface soils are highlighted; influence of change of thermal regime of underground waters of territories adjacent to high-temperature industrial objects, on hydrogeological conditions is investigated. The efficiency of using the results of regime observations for the estimation of the amount of infiltration power based on modern methods of solving the filtration equations is proved.
Published: 2018-03-21