Landscape Principles of Optimization of Functional Zoning of «Hutsulshchyna» National Nature Park

Keywords: Hutsulshchyna National Nature Park, nature reserve fund, landscape approach, functional zoning, optimization, Pokut Carpathians


The main purpose of the study is to optimize the functional zoning of the «Hut- sulshchyna» National Nature Park on the basis of a landscape approach. To begin with, a map-scheme of modern functional zoning in the ArcGIS 10.0 software environment was digitized, and analysis and mathematical calculations were performed. On the basis of a pre-concluded landscape map at the level of simple tracts in the scale of 1:25 000, on the key area Brusnyi, according to the method of field landscaping of H.P. Miller’s mountain areas, we have optimized in detail the functional zoning of the park in a key area. Some changes have been made regarding zoning in other areas of the National Park, only less detailed, as the compilation of a landscape map of the local level for the entire territory of NEC «Hutsulshchyna», which is a very long and complex process. In addition to the landscape approach, according to which the boundaries of functional zones must coincide with the boundaries of natural territorial complexes of a certain rank, we tried to take into account the Law of Ukraine «On Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine» and «Nature Chronicle Program for National Parks of Ukraine». Ideally, the protected area should be in the middle, surrounded wth a zone of regulated recreation, and only then the economic zone. The protected area should not border the economic one. According to the IUCN, the protected area and the regulated recreation zone must occupy at least 75% of protected area, but often in practice these requirements are difficult or even impossible, as each protected area has its own geographical features. Since the park is located in a hilly area, the economic zone should not be allocated on the ridges and upper parts of the slopes, because the effects of anthropogenic impact in the economic zone will be more or less manifested in the protected area, which is at the lower hypsometric level. Analyzing the functional zoning in the key area of Brusnyi, it was found out that in addition to the geographical location of the zones, the areas of the functional zones have also changed significantly. Thus, the protected area was 15.1%, and became 25.1%, regulated recreation – 34.2%-41.9%, stationary recreation area – 0.01%-0%, economic zone – 51.1%-33%. The advantage of the proposed zoning is the complexity, which makes it possible to protect fully and completely and use rationally the natural territorial complexes of the Pokut Carpathians. After all, natural complexes are a system, and it is known that in the system, when one component is destroyed, the whole system is destroyed. For the first time, on the basis of a landscape map at a scale of 1:25 000 at the level of simple tracts, proposals were submitted that will improve the existing functional zoning of the territory of NEC «Hutsulshchyna». The results of research can be used by the adminis- tration of NEC «Hutsulshchyna» in the development of re-functional zoning during the creation of a new project organization of NEC «Hutsulshchyna», the Department of Nature Protection, Research, and the Department of Recreation and Landscaping.

Author Biographies

Zoriana V. Hostiuk
Hutsulshchyna National Nature Park, Kosiv, Ukraine
Olesia. O Burianyk
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
Mykola M. Karabiniuk
Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine


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