Landscape of Altiaghaj National Park

Keywords: national park, relief and geological structure, landscape complex, soil and vegetation, bushes, teppe and forest comple


Altiaghaj National Park was established by the Order No. 365 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on August 31, 2004 in the administrative territories of Khizi and Siyazan districts. The National Park is located in the north-east of Azerbaijan, in the territory of Khizi and Siyazan administrative districts. Altiaghaj National Park was created on the basis of Altiaghaj State Nature Reserve, which was established in 1990, and adjacent state forest fund lands. Its area is 11,035 hectares. The article examines the landscapes of Altiaghaj National Park. During the study 4 landscape complexes and 33 types of landscapes were identified in the territory of Altiaghaj National Park. Within the first complex, 8 types of landscape were identified; in the second landscape complex – 8; in the third complex-10 and in the last landscape complex-7. These landscape complexes are divided according to the degree of division of the area, geological and geomorphological features, as well as different soil and vegetation. The article also describes changes in landscape types due to natural and anthropogenic influences. A special interpretation is given to changes in the forest landscape complex caused by anthropogenic influences. During the study, vertical differentiation of the landscape was observed in the territory of Altiaghaj National Park. This is due to the fact that the territory of Altiaghaj NP is mainly mountainous. Due to the decrease in temperature with increasing altitude (the temperature decreases by 0.60 per 100 m), the vertical zoning of the landscape is clearly visible here. Along with natural processes, anthropogenic impacts on landscape changes in the National Park have been observed here. During the study, we examined the status of the National Park, the existence of anthropogenic impacts that hinder its normal operation and ways to prevent them. Thus, during the establishment of the National Park, especially when defining its borders, the instructions were violated, the geographical location and economic situation of villages and settlements were not taken into account. Part of the highway fell into the territory of the National Park. All this has led to an increase in environmental tensions in the National Park. Violation of forest ecosystems and illegal felling of trees in Altiaghaj National Park are the most urgent and important issues of the day.

Author Biography

Tahir O. Ibrahimov
Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan


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