Stratigraphy Cretaceous sediments of the Kerch Peninsula

  • I. I. Ishchenko SE "Naukanaftogaz" National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine"


Subdivision and correlation of the Cretaceous sedimentary sequences within the Kerch Peninsula are made applying comprehensive study, revision and critical analysis of the all available data on paleontology, stratigraphy and lithology of those sedimentary rocks. It is proposed new stratigraphic chart for the Cretaceous rocks subdivision of this region. A collection of all available materials with paleontology, stratigraphy and lithology Cretaceous sediments of the Kerch Peninsula, contained for boreholes annual reports of the "Krymnaftohazrozvidka" thematic reports and other stock materials. Working with all the accumulated material able to establish and justify paleontological Cretaceous thicker in the study area lower sediments (in the Aptian and Albian layers) and upper (in the Cenomanian, Coniacian, Campanian and Maastricht stages) departments Cretaceous system. With modern domestic ("HeoPoysk") and foreign (Petrel, of Schlumberge) software packages for processing and interpretation of seismic and geological and geophysical data on the basis of geophysical (logging), given existing structural constructions on deposits of Cretaceous, paleontological determinations of relative geological age of rocks was conducted partition Cretaceous sediments in the sections most well Kerch Peninsula and their correlation within the Kerch Peninsula and surrounding areas (zone junction plain Crimea and Kerch peninsula).Key words: Cretaceous sedimentary rocks, subdivision and correlation, regional stratigraphic chart, Kerch Peninsula. 

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I. I. Ishchenko, SE "Naukanaftogaz" National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine"
SE "Naukanaftogaz" National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine"


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