Distribution of precious metals in the chromite-bearing weathering crusts Lipovenkovska group ultrabasites of Middle Pobuzhye.

  • S. E. Popovchenko National Mining University of Ukraine
  • V. D. Evtekhov Kryvyi Rih National University


Studied geochemistry of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the nontronitic weathering crusts by Middle Pobuzhye. The background concentrations and levels of geochemical anomalies, migration considerations for each of the metals in various zones of the weathering crust. The conclusion is drawn on their industrial prospects. Installed new data on the geochemistry of mineralization and precious metals produced at working-known and exploration of new fields Lipovenkovskе groups within the Middle Bug. Researches of the author is proved that followed the crust formation processes of weathering crust repeatedly eroded and formed again, which is manifested in the absence of clear zoning and smooth transitions between nontronites and ocher. In addition, most of the erosion processes ocher destroyed, leading to a wide areal dispersal chromespinellids inert to weathering processes. It was found that the carbonized nontronitiс and serpentinite are disintegrated leached serpentinite with veins nontronite, chalcedony and carbonates. Indigenous chromite body as weathering and erosion formed the mechanical destruction of ghosting and leakage flux. The chromite ores dominated alyumohromit and hrompikotit. Conducted researches on the separation of Pt group elements in these rocks led to their division into two main groups according to their geochemical distribution of: a) a group of compatible elements Os-Ir-Ru, and b) a group of incompatible elements Rh-Pt-Pd . The first group has a similarity with the olivine and chromite in the absence of sulphides. In the presence of sulfides in the rock, both groups are exclusively chalcophilic not show a tendency to communication with silicates and oxides. Key words: geochemistry, nontronites, precious metal, weathering crust.

Author Biography

V. D. Evtekhov, Kryvyi Rih National University
Head of Department of Geology and Applied Mineralogy, prof., Dr. geol. SciencesKryvyi Rih National University


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