Long-term changes in the chemical composition of the water of the Inhulets and Saksahan rivers within the Kryvorizkyi Iron Ore Basin (1980–2020)

Keywords: Kryvorizkyi Iron Ore Basin, rivers, Inhulets, Saksahan, mine waters, chemical composition of water, monitoring


The article presents the generalized results of chemical composition research of waters from Inhulets and Saksahan rivers on the territory adjacent to the Northern and Inhulets with pumping of underground waters (mine and quarry), which have an abnormal chemical composition, high mineralization and contain high concentrations of microcomponents. The following scheme of mine water utilization is used in the Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin: the mines of the northern part of Kryvbas discharge water into the tailings dam of Northern Iron Ore Dressing works (Northern GZK); mines of the southern part discharge mine waters into the storage pond of the Svistunov creek during the year, and in the winter its waters are discharged into the Inhulets River with subsequent washing of the river in the spring-summer period. Such treatment of mine and quarry waters has led to the formation of a hydrochemical anomaly on the territory of Northern GZK with the center in the tailings. The mineralization of water in the pond reaches 23 g / l (2020). There is a high content of microcomponents: lead, cadmium, vanadium, manganese, boron, bromine, nickel, mercury, thiocyanates. As a result, the mineralization of the Saksahan River water increases over time (up to 5.4 g / l), the content of microcomponents also increases and becomes quite high. Prolonged use of the Inhulets River for utilization of mine water from the Svistunov creek storage pond has led to a change in the type of water: instead of type II (river water), Inhulets water belongs to the type III (metamorphosed waters). There are no regularities in the change of chemical composition of water (hydrochemical regime) in Inhulets, which is a consequence of the introduction of the scheme "discharge – flushing" for the disposal of mine water. Among the microcomponents in the water of Inhulets there is an increased content of vanadium, boron and bromine (7–8 times), single excess of lead content. The analysis of equilibria in the carbonate-calcium system of the Inhulets and Saksahan rivers confirmed that the existing hydrochemical regime for the studied rivers is stationary, thus, the environmental measures implemented will not have rapid consequences.

Author Biographies

V. K. Khilchevskyi
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv
N. P. Sherstiuk
Oles Gonchar National University of Dnipro, Dnipro


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