New perspective Reza gold deposit (Gedabek ore district, Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)

  • Nazim A. Imamverdiyev
  • Vasif M. Baba-zadeh
  • Samir S. Mursalov
  • Anar A. Valiyev
  • Mamoy I. Mansurov
  • Shakhla F. Abdullayeva
Keywords: Reza gold deposit, Gedabek Ore District, Lesser Caucasus, mineral association, gold mineralization, high sulfidation epithermal systems


The article describes Reza gold deposit of Ugur exploration area located in Geda- bek Ore District of the Lesser Caucasus in NW of Azerbaijan. It is established that main mineralization in the Reza gold deposit consists of hematite-barite-quartz-kaoline veins- veinlets and breccia, pyrite stock-stockverk and quartz-sulfide veins. On the main orebody surface center secondary quartzites with vein-veinlets barite-hematite mineralization have occured over which remain accumulations of hydrous ferric oxides cementing breccias of quartz and secondary quartzites. “Reddish mass” is also observed in erosion parts, being an oxidation product of stock and stockverk limonite-hematite ores. Representing typical gossans, these accumulations by the data of trenches for thickness about 5-10 m contain gold 0.3-3.5 ppm and silver 1.0-45.0 ppm. There are three zones of gold mineralization within the Reza gold deposit: oxide mineralization; transition zone mineralization; sulfide mineralization. The oxide gold mineraliza- tion consists of clay-gravel weathering crust of kaolinite type. The gold-bearing mineralization has been oxidized to a depth of ap- proximately 50-100 meters. Typically, the gold mineralization is coarser and a minor increase in gold grade occurs within the oxides compared to the original rocks. The nugget effect increase in the gold grade of the oxides does not exceed approximately 10%. Deposit alteration signature has characteristics which suggest the current outcrop level may be near the top of a mineralized, gold-bearing high sulfidation epithermal (HSE) system. The gold mineralization at the deposit is interpreted as forming in shallow high sulfidation epith- ermal systems. The mineralization has been noted in well-confined hydrothermal breccia and associated with pyrite stock-stockwork. The majority of the deposit material and current estimates are formed within the barite-hematite-quartz-kaoline mineralization in the secondary quartzite rocks. The main brecciation and stockwork are hosted within secondary quartzite, sometime massive silicified andesite porphyritic rocks.

Author Biographies

Nazim A. Imamverdiyev
Baku State University, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Vasif M. Baba-zadeh
Baku State University, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Samir S. Mursalov
Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Anar A. Valiyev
Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Mamoy I. Mansurov
Baku State University, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Shakhla F. Abdullayeva
Baku State University, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku


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Imamverdiyev, N., Baba-zadeh, V., Mursalov, S., Valiyev, A., Mansurov, M., & Abdullayeva, S. (2021). New perspective Reza gold deposit (Gedabek ore district, Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan). Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 30(1), 53-64.