Tourist potential of Cherkasy region

  • Viktor V. Hrushka
  • Natalia A. Horozhankina
  • Constantin M. Horb
Keywords: tourism, tourist sites, regional tourist resources, development of regional tourist sites, tourist product


The resource and recreational potential of Cherkasy region is analyzed. A large number of monuments of archeology, architecture, history, nature, developed centers of traditional crafts and trades, and a fairly dense network of sacred structures stands out among the objects of recreation.Forests and reservoirs play an important role in the recreational area. Conservation areas, which are valuable in recreational terms, occupy 1.2% of the area of the region. Mineral waters and healing properties of the forest climate are the main manifestations of the recreational properties of space in Cherkasy region. A significant contribution to the resource component of the recreational potential of Cherkasy region was made by a large number of historical and cultural reserves – of which there are 8 in the region, two of which have national status. The sanatorium-resort and preventive-health establishments of the region are considered. It is established that they are represented by sanatoriums (including children’s ones), tourist bases and other recreation establishments, whose number is decreasing every year. It is established that according to the capacity index, the largest number of tourists can spend the night at such resorts as «Svitanok» in the village of Svidovok, «Moshnohirya» in the village of Budyshche, «Akvadar» in the town of Mankivka, children’s «Ruska Polyana» in the village of Ruska Polyana of Cherkasy district and «Ukraine» and «Sosnoviy bir», which are located in the city of Cherkasy. The most significant recreation facilities are located in the village of Vigraev, Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi district («Ros» VAT «SPK Merydian», «Dubky», «Ros» (Relay and Automation Plant, Kazar-Ros), Prokhorovka village, Kaniv district («Sonyachna», «Komsomolska»), in the village of Chapayevka of the Zolotonisky district («Prydniprovska»).It is established that there is an increase in the number of subjects of tourist activity. More than 80% of them are travel agencies that are not focused on domestic and inbound tourism. It is found that the transport structure of Cherkasy region is represented by all major passenger types (rail, road, river and air) and its functioning is provided by appropriate infrastructure. The rating of level of development of Cherkasy region on such indicators as hotel infrastructure, restaurant infrastructure, healthimprovement establishments, archeology monuments, architectural monuments and historical monuments was conducted. It is revealed that five districts of the region (Zolotonisky, Kaniv, Uman, Cherkasy, Chyhyryn) have a high level of tourist potential supply, ten districts of the region have a medium level of provision (Horodyshche, Zvenihorod, Kamyansky, Korsun-Shevchenkivsky, Mankiv, Smilyansky, Talne, Khrystyniv, Chornobaiv, Shpolyan), five areas are outsiders with low levels of tourism potential (Drabiv, Zhashkiv, Katerynopil, Lysyansky, Monastyrische).

Author Biographies

Viktor V. Hrushka
Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Natalia A. Horozhankina
University of Customs and Finance
Constantin M. Horb
University of Customs and Finance


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Hrushka, V., Horozhankina, N., & Horb, C. (2020). Tourist potential of Cherkasy region. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 29(2), 279-288.

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