About the functional typification of the Podilsk economic-geographical district mineral resources (Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi and Vinnytsia regions)

Keywords: typification, mineral resources, strategic raw materials, classes of mineral resources, groups of mineral resources


The article offers a functional typification of Podilsk economic and geographical area mineral resources (MR), based on taking into account their influence on the participa- tion of certain industries in the territorial division of labor, complex-forming properties and the realized activity (degree of deposit development) of certain types of minerals and differs from the general Ukrainian (Syvyi, 2011) with several features. Thus, three groups of mineral resources are determined in particular, ac- cording to the first feature: international, national and local; according to the second all types of mineral raw materials are grouped into three classes a, b, and c; three types of mineral deposits a, b and c are identified depending on the degree of development. Besides, the criteria are proposed for classification of some raw materials as strategic. In the presented variant of typification of mineral resources of the region, an attempt was also made to approximate geographical and geological positions in classifications, which will help to define clearly the role and place of mineral resources in the territorial and sectoral structures of the economy, to determine national priorities in the development of mineral and economic resources of the country-raw materials experience in geological practice. The first group (raw material of international importance) in Podillia includes valuable mineral waters such as Naftusia, radon, and sulfide waters, kaolins, graphite, facing stones from magmatic rocks, i.e. raw materials with significant (modern or potential) export potential. The second group (raw material of national importance) is the largest, with the vast majority of mineral resources explored in the region: most types of mineral waters, cement raw materials, construction stones, agrochemical raw materials, some types of technological raw materials and so on. Many of them are characterized by high realized activity, a large number is developed in insufficient quantities or generally not developed because of various reasons (lack of demand, environmental problems, depletion or insufficient exploration of stocks, etc.). The local raw materials include a small number of mineral types - ameliorant, construction sands, and others. Mineral resources with high complex-forming properties are almost absent in the region (except for Naftusia mineral waters, where large recreational complexes are formed). Class B (medium complex-forming properties) includes mineral resources, small mining sites, and centers that are formed based on them (cement raw materials, agrochemical raw materials, kaolins, mineral waters with specific components, etc.). However, the largest amount of mineral resources of the region is not marked by explicit complex-forming properties and is classified as class C. The article draws generalized conclusions about the functional structure of mineral resources of the region, which are revealed by their typification, the priority directions of investments in geological prospecting are offered, which should help to increase and optimize the mineral base of the region.

Author Biographies

Miroslav Y. Syvyi
Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University
Sergey V. Hulyk
Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University


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