Functioning of the fuel-energy complex of Lviv Oblast in modern conditions

Keywords: fuel and energy complex, energy resources, energy sphere, energy balance, alternative energy


The article provides a general characteristic and detailed analysis of the main spheres of the fuel and energy complex of Lviv Oblast. The paper proves the importance of development of the fuel and energy complex for the economy of Lviv Oblast and the welfare of its residents, for it fulfills the needs of the entire economic complex in fuel and energy, creates preconditions for development of various types of production, forms the basis for improvement of energy security of the region and country in general. The peculiarities of development of the fuel and energy complex were determined, the main of which are: large amount of coal extracted by mining, small-scale extraction of peat, absence of major electric power stations and high percentage of incoming electric energy from other regions. The paper gives a characterization of the energy balance in the Oblast, and also structure of reserves of coal mines and oil deposits. Areas promising for extraction of bituminous and brown coal, oil, gas, peat and other fuel resources were determined. The structure of consumption of fuel-energy resources by types of organic fuel was determined. Patterns of consumption of the main types of energy carriers in the region were distinguished. The structure of capacities of alternative energy resources in Lviv Oblast was determined. We determined the reasons for the low efficiency of use of natural resources and peculiarities and problems of the development of the energy sphere in the region, the main of which are the unsatisfactory technical condition of the objects of the fuel and energy complex, non-effective system of management in the sphere, absence of new sources of providing primary energy resources. We suggested recommendations on increasing the efficiency of functioning of the fuel and energy complex on the basis of use of non-traditional types of energy sources, i.e.: energy of sun, wind, biomass of solid fuel and others, which would allow natural and financial resources to be saved.

Author Biographies

Irina V. Poruchynska
Lesya Ukrainka East European National University
Volodymyr I. Poruchynsky
Lesya Ukrainka East European National University
Andrey N. Slashchuk
Lesya Ukrainka East European National University
Alla G. Potapova
Lesya Ukrainka East European National University


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Poruchynska, I., Poruchynsky, V., Slashchuk, A., & Potapova, A. (2019). Functioning of the fuel-energy complex of Lviv Oblast in modern conditions. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 28(4), 717-726.