Horizontal and vertical zonation of the weathering rind of the northern part of the Krivy Rig Basin

Keywords: ferriferous-siliceous formation, Kryvyi Rih Basin, zonation of the weathering rind, hematite quartzites


The ferriferous-siliceous formation of the Kryvyi Rih Basin has been formed   as a result of the effect of different geological processes: sedimentation, diagenesis, dynamothermal metamorphism, metasomatosis, orogenesis, hypergenesis. Hypergenic changes are manifested to a different extent within iron ore deposits of the Kryvyi Rih Basin. In the south part of the basin, thickness of the weathering rind in some places reaches 1,000-1,500 m, it is up to 2,500 in the central, and in the northern part this parameter is much lower. Hypergenic processes are observed in the sections of all stratigraphic horizons of the Saksahanska suite of the iron ore deposits of the Kryvyi Rih Basin. The thickness of their manifestations changes depending on the horizon (schist, ferriferous). Therefore, over the study, we determined the impact of stratigraphic horizon on variance of thickness of the weathering rind within the northern area of the Kryvyi Rih basin, on example of the Hannivsk deposit. The surveys were performed in all hypsometric levels of the deposit. Schematic sections of the deposit`s weathering rind were made. The products of hypergenesis are hematite quartzites with qualitative parameters (total content of iron) no lower than in magnetic quartzites. In some deposits, the reserves of the hematite quartzites are quite large, but they are not being extracted. For more detailed study of the structure of the weathering rind, manifestation of its vertical zonation was investigated, a schematic section of the weathering ring within the ferriferous-siliceous formation of the deposit was made designating all mineralogical zones. We studied the variance of mineral composition of the ferriferous rocks depending on the manifestation of horizontal zonation of the weathering rind and impact of hypergenic processes on authigenic-metamorphogenic zonation of the productivity of the deposit`s layer. We developed a scheme of mineralogical zonation of the weathering rind, therefore facilitating the enlargement of the mineral-ore base of the Hannivsk deposit and the Kryvyi Rih Basin in general for further extraction and beneficiation of hematite quartzites.

Author Biographies

S. V. Tikhlivets
Kryvyi Rih National University
O. M. Trunin
Kryvyi Rih National University


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