Spatial Assessment of Seasonal Changes in Pollution of the Air Ground Layer with Aerosol Particles in School Yards of Tiaret city (Algeria)

Keywords: air pollution, technogenic dust, aerosol, mass concentration, remote sensing, cartography, health, Tiaret, Algeria


According to the data obtained in the autumn-winter period, the excess of PM2.5 in air during the schoolday after a short stay by pupils in the school yards was 1.5 –2 times. The PM2.5 concentration in the autumn - winter period was up to 1.5 times higher than that of the spring – summer time. High concentrations of dust particles are observed in areas close to heavy traffic in winter in the South-Eastern part of the city. Low concentrations were recorded in the autumn-winter time in areas adjacent to forests in the North –Western part of the city of Tiaret. However, the protective function of forest stands in the spring – summer period in the North-Western part of the city of Tiaret is less evident. The need for introduction of several nature protection measures in the city is obvious. Among them: fuel quality control and fines for the use of low-grade fuel, increasing the density of trees and shrubs in the city in the areas uncovered by vegetation.

Author Biographies

Khadidja Naceur
Ibn Khaldou. University Tiaret
Mhamed Maatoug
Ibn Khaldou. University Tiaret
Lazreg Benaichata
Ibn Khaldou. University Tiaret
S. А. Stankevich
Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of Earth, NAS Ukraine
O. V. Titarenko
Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of Earth, NAS Ukraine
M. М. Kharytonov
Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University


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