Economic geographical aspects of development of the regions of Ukraine

Keywords: regional economic geography, economic region, management of territorial development, economic-geographical forecasting, financial-geographic position, innovation-geographic position


The objective of the article was to determine the orientations of the development of the economic regions of Ukraine in relation to their complex provision with resources and economic-geographic position. Management of territorial development as a sphere of economic-geographic activity includes formation of regional statistics, social-economic zoning, geoexpertise and geoinformatics. They allow assessment of the economic regions as regional economic systems taking into account the impact of local peculiarities on economic activity. Territorial systems of different types have both common and specific peculiarities. Correlation and interaction of these systems increase as the productive forces develop and are manifested to a higher extent within economic regions. An economic region is a fundamental regional structure which has a certain economic self-sufficiency and property of self-organization. Economic-geographic prediction is one of three types of geographic forecasting along with physical-geographic and geoeconomic. Economic-geographic forecasting determines the possible condition of a territorial social-economic system in the future. To ensure greater reliability of economicgeographic forecasts, it is suggested that one takes into account not only the economic-geographic, but also the geopolitical position of a region. To the traditional components of economic-geographic position of region, such components are also added as financialgeographic position and innovation-geographic position. The abovementioned theoretical economic-geographic bases allowed assessment of the condition and potential for the development of the economic regions of Ukraine, and also prediction of possible scenarios of their development. The results of the study enabled us to suggest particular measures of an economic-geographic character in relation to Carpathian, Volyn, North-East, Podillia, Prydniprovsky, Prychornomorsky, East and Central-Ukrainian economic regions.

Author Biographies

G. K. Kovalchuk
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
V. K. Lebedieva
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
L. M. Savchuk
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
L. M. Bandorina
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine


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Kovalchuk, G., Lebedieva, V., Savchuk, L., & Bandorina, L. (2019). Economic geographical aspects of development of the regions of Ukraine. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 28(1), 87-94.