Regional morbidity profile of the Sumy region population by diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

Keywords: primary morbidity, prevalence of diseases, prevalence of diseases diseases of the connective tissue, Sumy region


Analyzed the level of primary morbidity of population and prevalence of the osteo-muscular system diseases and of the connective tissue diseases among the residents of the Sumy region. It is established that nosologies of this class are occupy a prominent place in the overall structure of disease's prevalence among the inhabitants of the Sumy region. The percentage of above mentioned nosologies in total structure of Sumy region population morbidity has been exceed 5 %. The dynamics of primary morbidity and prevalence of diseases was separately examined during 2005–2016. Moreover, it was revealed that the situation with the morbidity by nosologies of this group during 2005–2016 has been deteriorating. For example, the primary morbidity of population of the Sumy region by diseases of osteomuscular system and of the connective tissue decreased by 6.5 %, but the prevalence of orthopedics pathologies among inhabitants ofthe Sumy region for the above indicated period increased by 11.0 %. It is established that in the structure of prevalence of the osteomuscular system diseases and of the connective tissue diseases on the first place are arthrosis diseases, which demonstrated the high levels of primary morbidity's growth during 2005–2016, which in some regions exceed 50–80 %. The morbidity of population by the arthritis diseases in the Sumy region for the same period increased by 30.8 %, and their prevalence by 34.4 %, but the highest tempo of growth in the rates of primary morbidity and prevalence are characteristic for saline arthropathies – 25.7 % and 12.0 % respectively. The benefit of this study is analyses of the geographical patterns of morbidity of the population as well as prevalence of the osteomuscular system diseases and of the connective tissue diseases among the inhabitants of the region.With help the quantitative analysis methods, the groups of districts with different rates of morbidity of population, prevalence of diseases of the skeleton/muscular apparatus and connective tissue and different level of provision of the Sumy region population by medical institutions and specialists of the appropriate profile were identified. The geographical discrepancies between the level of the morbidity of population and the level of specialized medical-orthopedically care is revealed. It has been established that in many administrative districts of the region there are no orthopedist at all among the specialists providing medical assistance, and beds for orthopedic patients (or both) are absent in medical and preventive institutions. Consequently the population is not provided with the proper level of orthopedic care.

Author Biographies

O. H. Kornus
Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko
A. O. Kornus
Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. S. Makarenko
V. D. Shyshchuk
Sumy State University
N. M. Nurein
Star Hospital, Malindi, Kenya Sumy State University, Ukraine


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