Organization of tourist and recreational activity within the objects of the natural protected fund in the Odessa region

Keywords: :recreation, ecotourism, nature reserve fund, national natural park, biosphere reserve, biotic diversity


The article deals with the issues of nature use in protected areas, the exploitation of objects of the nature reserve fund for recreational and tourist purposes.It is emphasized that ecotourism, which includes, first of all, orientation of tourists to the consumption of ecological resources – recreational aspect, preservation of the environment – nature protection, is an important direction of recreation within the territories of the nature reserve fund, support of the traditional way of life of the local population – social aspect. The purpose of the work is to find out the features of the present state, to determine the problems and perspectives of the organization of recreation within the natural reserve areas of the state level in the Odessa region. Recreational and tourist attraction of the region for visitors are not only a wonderful climate and water resources but also available on territory of the region objects of the nature reserve fund,among which there are 16 objects of national importance. According to the recommendation of the International Union of Conservation of Nature and Ukrainian legislation, most of the categories of objects of the nature reserve fund provide for tourist and recreational activities within their territories in specially designated areas. Thus, the Danube Biosphere Reserve and two national natural parks, «Nizhnednistrovsky» and «Tuzlovsky Limany», joined the tourists for both short–term and long–term recreation. With the purpose of ecological education, the abovementioned objects of the nature reserve fund of national importance are used to create ecological trails and organize tourist routes. Thus, the most popular water tours in the Danube Delta to the mouth of the river with a visit to the symbolic «0 km» of the Danube, as well as tours for the observation of birds. On the river Dniester are popular sport fishing trips, as well as landscape tours. On the relatively untouched coast of the Black Sea, including the territory of the national park «Tuzlovsky Limany» lies one of the most interesting and cognitive routes of the Odessa region, which includes elements of ecological, rural, ethnic and extreme tourism. It is established that at the present time, organizational and recreational activities within the protected areas of Ukraine, as well as the Odessa region are at the stage of formation, the result of which is that its economic efficiency is extremely low.

Author Biographies

V. Yavorska
Odesa I .I. Mechnykov National University
I. Hevko
Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University
V. Sych
Odesa I .I. Mechnykov National University
K. Kolomiyets
Odesa I .I. Mechnykov National University


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Yavorska, V., Hevko, I., Sych, V., & Kolomiyets, K. (2018). Organization of tourist and recreational activity within the objects of the natural protected fund in the Odessa region. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 27(2), 377-385.