Analyzing the parameters influencing the efficiency of undereground coal gasification

Keywords: filtration and crossflow processes, capacitive parameters, hydraulic fracturing, repression, relaxation, coal gasification


Relying upon the theory and practice of Podzemgaz stations operation, the paper has analyzed the basic factors working on the efficiency of underground coal gasification;  moreover, it has estimated their function in the formation of gas loss from un- derground gas generator. The determined factors have been divided into initial factors and controllable ones according to their process characteristics and degree of their influ- ence of gasification process itself.The data confirm the dependence of the increased pressure upon the increased heat output. Moreo- ver, high static pressure within gas generator prevents from rock roof caving and reaction channel filling up with molten rock. It has been substantiated that almost all disturbing factors have negative effect on gas calorifity whereas parameters of blast rate increase and static pressure growth in a gas generator have the most positive effect among the controlling factors. Aspects concerning the increase in loss of the produced gas that may reduce economic efficiency and environmental safety of underground coal gasification have been considered as well.

Author Biographies

I. Sadovenko
National Mining University
O. Inkin
National Mining University
N. Dereviahina
National Mining University
Y. Hriplivec
National Mining University


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Sadovenko, I., Inkin, O., Dereviahina, N., & Hriplivec, Y. (2018). Analyzing the parameters influencing the efficiency of undereground coal gasification. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 27(2), 332-336.