The development of recreation science as the main theoretical fundamental of tourism integrations

  • O. V. Hladkyi
  • T. V. Mirzodaieva
Keywords: recreation, recreology, recreation fundamentals, factors of recreation, recreation system, tourism investigations


The essence of recreation investigations is disclosed. The definition of recreation term is substantiated. The recreation system definition is proposed. The recreation system components are explored. The different types of recreational structures are highlighted. The different impact of environmental factors on the development of specialized recreation territories are presented. The influence of physical factors such as therapeutic mud, ozocerite, naphthalane, sand, clay, bischofite, metals, stones and minerals with therapeutic effect, therapeutic factors of fauna and its representatives on natural treatment is disclosed. Different types of natural treatment factors by treatment-physiological activity and pathogenesis are systemized. Types of natural treatment factors such as cryogenic influence, mud, naphthalane, mineral wax, clay, sand, paraffin, balneal factors by mechanism of treatment-therapeutics influence are explored. At once, the different types of natural treatment factors by mechanism of treatment-therapeutics influence as well as types of natural therapeutic factors by methods of physical effects on human organism are investigated. The formalized methods of complex recreation potential of the territory estimation are proposed. The different types of human recreation activities in recreation systems are defined. The different groups of most important social functions of recreation activities are revised. The most common cultural and spiritual needs of recreated person are systemized. The specific features of recreational activities that include recovery and development functions are observed. The main factors that effect on the development of recreational activities such as natural, demographic, socio-economic ones as well as social and psychological factors are investigated. The different factors of recreational system economic-geographical location are researched. The different internal factors of recreational activities development are disclosed. The main practical goal of the recreational activities is substantiated. The main models of recreational system regional development proposed by I.V. Zorin, E.A. Staroselets, B.I. Melnikas, E.S. Oleynikov, A. Pentz, V. S. Preobrazhenskyi etc. are described. The different models of optimal placement of recreational systems at different hierarchical levels are observed. The model for optimal allocation of resources for implementation of the recreational system development projects is substantiated. The programming model for the optimal organization of the recreational system functioning as well as model of recreational value is disclosed. The different principles of the state policy in the recreology sphere and resort development are characterized. The essence of resort and its role in recreation concept development is explored. The division of resorts at recreation-preventive ones, rehabilitation or health improvement as well as at medical for treatment ones is proposed according to their health improvement specifics.

Author Biographies

O. V. Hladkyi
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
T. V. Mirzodaieva
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


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