Determination of parameters of non-uniform fractured rock massif in computing experiment

  • V. Fomychov
  • V. Sotskov
Keywords: Rock massif, fracturing, FEM, layered rock massif, angle of slope


The purpose of work is creation of the computing model that based on qualifiers of described elements of geomechanical system that having the nonlinear physical nature. The procedure of computing experiment conducting that based on application of net numerical methods with determination of admissible precision limit is developed for various description schemes of mechanical condition of the environment. The iterative computing experiment under control of the system of the external estimated indicators that defining structure and a format of the description of computing area of finite element method during rock massif modeling is conducted. The area of admissible values of parameters of the elements description of geomechanical system during solution of multiple parameter problem of optimization for implicitly set entry conditions is determined. Application limits in computing models of the following groups of characteristics of description elements of computing model are defined: macro -, mini- and mixed. The three-level system of the description of mechanical characteristics of geotechnical system that managing of multiple parameter network of qualifiers of the elements description of computing area is received. Parameters of calculations of contact tasks in difficult structured geomechanical models are qualitatively improved that is provided by increasing in accuracy of the description of geotechnical system elements. Accounting of nonlinear characteristics allows performing optimization of schemes of bolting systems for various mine conditions that based on a computing experiment. The presented studies were carried out on example of conditions of the «Almaznaya” mine, southern conveyor drift, coal seam l1, depth 550m. As a result, preservation of operational characteristics of extraction mine workings of Western Donbas that were drived in complicated mining-and-geological conditions is reached by the choice of optimum parameters of bolting systems that allowing to minimize production expenses. Results that based on the executed computing experiments using the considered procedure allowed to keep operational characteristics of extraction workings with economy of materials and labor costs at the level of 9 – 17%.

Author Biographies

V. Fomychov
National Mining University
V. Sotskov
National Mining University


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