Research into ground water parameters on the territory of high-temperature industrial en-terprises

  • S. V. Zholudiev Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Keywords: underground water, intermediate rolling coolant, heat, Stephen’s task, industrial enterprise .


One of the problems of hydrogeological research is the lack of study of the factors of development and patterns of interaction between the impact and the intensity of technogenic load sources of different character and hydrogeological objects, i.e. absence of data on cause-and-effect relationships in the hydrogeological system. This can be related to insufficient initial information on natural conditions and insufficient study of their possible changes in the course of their exploitation.In the conditions prevailing today conducting continuous study of ground water seepage conditions on the territories of industrial enterprises is practically impossible. The characteristics of the conditions are determined discreetly, with further interpolation, extrapolation and blending, the research is strongly influenced by the experience and intuition of the researchers. Also, insufficient information on technogenic conditions (existing and projected) and their possible changes during operation of industrial enterprises (dynamics of usage of water from water lines, character of changes in the conditions of surface flow, temperature conditions, etc.) adds to the difficulty.The aim of this study is to determine the peculiarities of using methods of hydrogeological studies on the territories of industrial enterprises and to conduct an approximate calculation of certain hydrodynamic and hydraulic parameters of groundwater using these methods. 

Author Biography

S. V. Zholudiev, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
assistant professor (docent) Department of geology and hydrogeologyOles Honchar Dnipro National University


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Zholudiev, S. (2017). Research into ground water parameters on the territory of high-temperature industrial en-terprises. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 25(2), 151-158.