Methodical scheme of multi-level territorial organization of the Ukrainian Black Sea region

  • K. V. Kolomiyets Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
  • V. V. Yavorska Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
  • V. A. Sych Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
Keywords: territorial organization, region, mezoregion, district, the Ukrainian Black Sea region


The regional policy of the EU countries is based on the multilevel hierarchical system of taxonomic units. And although each country, based on its social, economic, national, ethnic, historical, geographical features, establishes its regional division, in the EU there is a unified system of nomenclature units of regionalization. Ukraine has declared a course on European integration and is trying to use the European experience of regional policy as the main direction of regulation of socio-economic development of regions. The current regional division of Ukraine does not meet the norms of NUTS 2 (the base region, on the basis of which it is recommended to develop regional policy) in terms of its size and socio-economic potential, and therefore requires an appropriate multi-level regionalization scheme. The region is the geospatial socio-economic system, which represents the historical and geographical integrity of the natural environment, population and economy, has its functions, a multi-level structure, complex of internal and external relations. The purpose of this article is to develop a methodical scheme of a multi-level territorial organization, and approbate for example, of the Ukrainian Black Sea region. In accordance with the European regionalization scheme, taking into account the abovementioned principles of the multi-level organization of the regions and using the existing national experience, the following levels of regionalization are identified according to certain criteria and features: region, mezo-region, micro-region, and district. Regional taxonomic units act as economic complexes of different levels, each of which works for the whole region. Characteristic features of the region are historical and geographical community, the presence of «regional» capital, regional mentality, type of territorial organization, socio-economic integrity. The methodical scheme of multi-level territorial organization, which consists of successive stages from the definition of the boundaries of the region to the development of the forecast of socio-economic development of different levels taxonomic units, is developed. It is singled out that the territorial organization of the Ukrainian Black Sea region consists of 3 mezo-regions, 11 micro-regions and 9 districts. The scheme of the multi-level territorial organization of the Ukrainian Black Sea region, developed on the principles of regionalism and planning of the territory, in comparison with the traditional one-level sectoral-economic zoning, is a qualitatively new basis for the development of strategies and concepts of socio-economic development of the region  

Author Biographies

K. V. Kolomiyets, Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National UniversityPh.D., Senior Librarian of the Department of Economy and Social Geography and Tourism of GGF
V. V. Yavorska, Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
V. A. Sych, Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University
Odesa I. I. Mechnykov National University


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Kolomiyets, K., Yavorska, V., & Sych, V. (2017). Methodical scheme of multi-level territorial organization of the Ukrainian Black Sea region. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, 25(2), 73-81.