The geological nature monument «Vysachkivskyi salt dome»

  • Volodymyr Manyuk Dnipropetrovsk National University Oles Gonchar
  • A. Masenko Dnipropetrovs’k National University named after Oles Honchar
Keywords: Keywords, geological monument, Vysachki, diapirs, salt stock, diabase, basalt, DDD


 The objective of this work is to describe the features of the geological structure of a unique natural site “Vysachkivsky pahorb” ( the Vysachkivsky dome ) and its recognition as a significant object of geological heritage. We analyzed the long history of accumulation of knowledge on the origin of the saline structure and the wide range of changes in the thinking of dome researchers regarding its origin, from the dyke theory to the salt-dome structure theory. The significant role of M.S. Shatsky was highlighted, who not only changed the state of thinking on the origin of the diapir structure, but also made first prognosis of prospects of the saline-dome structures of the Dnieper-Donets Rift for oil and gas extraction. This article critically considers the methods of interpretation of the formation of the Vysachkivsky dome as a result of post-Oligocene volcanism, describes the lithological-petrographic and mineralogical compound of the depository-volcanogenic formations according to the contemporary data and analyses its similarity and synchronism with vulcanites of the Mokra Volnovaha river basin. The article considers some theoretical approaches to the problem of saline diapirs in the Dnieper-Donetsk Rift, their structural-tectonic, formation and ancient origin, connection with halotectokinesis, presents the results of studying the Upper-Frasnian brachiopods in limestones of the Vysachkivsky saline dome`s cap rock, obtained by O. M.Kutsyba in 1936, which made it possible to date the salt to the Devonian era. The article considers the question of recognizing saline diapirism as one of the most favourable factors of deep thermal water discharge, and also as a channel of mantle exhalations penetrating into rocks of sedimentary cover due to their tendency to accumulate in deep-seated faults of the basement, and correspondingly as a channel for hydrocarbon and ore-bearing fluids to reach the upper structural levels. Work on inventory, cataloguing, and creating a data base on geological natural relics of Ukraine, conducted with the authors’ participation, has identified the place of the geological relic the Vysachkivsky saline dome in the nature-conservation fund of Ukraine, and established its significant historical, recreational, scientific and educational and scientific-practical value as a unique natural relic, worthy of protection at international level. Keywords: geological monument, Vysachki, diapirs, salt stock, diabase, basalt, DDD

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Manyuk, Dnipropetrovsk National University Oles Gonchar
assistant professor (docent) Department of geology and hydrogeologyCandidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (PhD)Member of ProGEOVice-chairman of Dnepropetrovsk department of Ukrainian National Union Regional Studies
A. Masenko, Dnipropetrovs’k National University named after Oles Honchar
student of Dnipropetrovs’k National University named after Oles Honchar


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