Improvement of the concept of modern hydrogeological monitoring local level

  • G. P. Yevhrashkina Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University,


Justified additions to the theory of hydrogeological monitoring. It is considered as multistage of dynamic natural-technical, space-time system monitoring and control regime of groundwater feedback between of the control and management. On the based analysis, generalization and improvement of previous studies the author's offer version of the hydrogeological monitoring, which consists of such parts. 1. Study of changes in the groundwater regime in space and time on the technologically impaired territory where created monitoring observation. She is the first mandatory and the most important part, initial source of information for the organizations of a permanent monitoring each of the three levels – global, regional and local. For the scientific basis her structure used hydrodynamic methods. 2. Complex calculations, which consists with inverse and direct, epignozn and prognosis, inductive, inverse and generalized hydrogeological tasks. 3. Development of environmental protection measures on basis of the hydrogeological areas of multivariate prognosis studies. 4. The embodiment of developed actions. 5. The regime observations for assess the effectiveness and adequacy measures. 6. Adjustment measures prognosis in new hydrogeological situation improved protective measures. Again, monitoring observations and their analysis. Here have the feedback and return to the first item in new hydrogeological conditions. The focus is on solving the inverse task numerical method using the equations filtration and mass transfer in finite difference form of explicit and implicit schemes. The made conclusions that numerical methods make it possible to determine the design parameters of generalizing. In the inverse task  explicit and implicit schemes are characterized by the same accuracy, but the results are different, because the explicit scheme characterizes the dispersion of the beginning in the billing period, and implicit in his end.Keywords: hydrogeological monitoring, monitoring observations, epignoz, prognosis, environmental protection measures 

Author Biography

G. P. Yevhrashkina, Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University,
Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Head Department of Geology and Hydrogeology, Dr., prof.


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