Organizational and legal aspects of the standard geological sections conservation

  • G. V. Anfimova National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine, Kiev,


 Stratotypes and key sections adopted as the standards of the local stratigraphic units – suites and strata – have a great scientific and practical value, play an important didactic role, can act as objects of geological tourism. Standard section is the starting point for scientific research on the additional exploration of stratigraphic unit, the refinement of the age of its constituent sediments, etc. Stratotypes and reference sections shall be preserved. Purpose of this paper is the choice of strategy for organizational and legal protection of these objects on the example of the Mountainous Crimea Mesozoic standard sections. As starting materials for the present paper the results of Geological museum department (National museum of natural history NAS of Ukraine) research on inventory and monitoring of the Mountainous Crimea Mesozoic standard sections were used. The legislative base of Ukraine in the field of environmental protection was analyzed. Also the published literature and industrial geological reports analysis was performed. Data from the cadastre of the Crimea natural-reserved fund (for the year 2011) were used. Methods of observations, modern information technologies, mapping and forecasting were applied. The analysis found no stratotypes and reference sections among territories and objects of the Crimea natural-reserved fund. Thus none of stratotypes have legal status of the nature protected object. As a result of the paper the main directions for organization of the Mountainous Crimea standard sections protection were identified. These directions can be summarized as follows: 1. To give the legal status of geological natural monument for some of the objects; it is appropriate for objects that have high state of knowledge, that are complex ones, the importance and uniqueness of which are determined by national and international importance. 2. The preservation of the sections that have a purely scientific value should be organized within the existing nature protected areas as well as these objects should be included into the areas that are only planned to be protected. 3. To preserve the objects within geoparks. Kacha and Belbek river valleys in the Mountainous Crimea are characterized as areas promising to create geoparks there. Prerequisites for geoparks establishment here are: the proximity of geoheritage to the lines of communication, human settlements, to the nature, archeology, history and culture monuments that promote the geotourism, green tourism development, as well as ecological education.Key words: stratotype, nature protected area, natural monument, geopark

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G. V. Anfimova, National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine, Kiev,
National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine, Kiev,


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