Forms of occurrence of trace elements in coals and anthracite North-east Donbass near mercury ledge

  • I. V. Udalov Kharkiv National University Karazin


Presented by the research of the forms of trace elements in coals and anthracite North-East Donbass in the halo of influence mercury ledge. Shown the geological and tectonic features of the propagation and accumulation of trace elements in coals of the research area. Describes the general patterns of concentration of trace elements in coal and anthracite. The purpose of research is to identify the patterns of the modes of occurrence of trace elements in coals and anthracite in the zone of influence of mercury ledge. It is determined that an abnormal content of the elements of the sedimentary genesis is found in coals of low metamorphic grade, since it is associated with an organic part of coal. Described zonation of hydrothermal mineralization zones of regional thrusts controlling abnormal concentration of toxic and potentially toxic elements, suggests a direct link anomalous contents of elements with the intensity of hydrothermal alteration Carboniferous rocks. Analysis of the distribution of the manifestations of Hg in the North-East Donbass allowed to identify the dependence of paragenetic associations of mercury mineralization stages postdiagenetic transformation of host rocks. It is noticed that the intensive elaboration of organic matter hydrothermal solutions, forms of occurrence of trace elements in coals differ significantly from their modes of occurrence in coal without undergoing alteration or poorly designed them. Key words: coal, minerals, concentration, form finding, ledge.

Author Biography

I. V. Udalov, Kharkiv National University Karazin
Dean of innovative work  Ph.D., associate professor , Head of Department of hydrogeology, Ph.D., associate professor


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