Distribution of calciferous nannoplankton in the Campanian of South east European platform

  • A. V. Matveev Karazin Kharkov national university


The extention of nannofossils and ratio of speies in nanoplex along the submeridional section, which is crossed the southern periphery of the East European Platform are researched. There are shown that the change paleotemperatures isn’t brought by changing of species of nannocomplexes, but leads to redistribution quantitative of the proportion inside nannooplex. The dominant groups are changed: on the south dominanted the Arkhangelskiellaceae, on the north dominanted the Watznaueriaceae. Species Misceomarginatus pleniporus is an indicator of cold water.Key words: calcareous nanoplankton, campanian, paleogeography, biostratigraphy. 

Author Biography

A. V. Matveev, Karazin Kharkov national university
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (PhD)assistant professor (docent) Karazin Kharkov national university


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