Historical landmarks and second cruises researches AS UkSSR (NAS UKRAINE) in the tropical Atlantic and its implications for further development the oceans and seas geology in Ukraine

  • S. H. Polovka Uman State Pedagogical University Paul Tychyna


The article is devoted to the I-th Ukrainian SSR researchers (NAS) sea expedition (XII flight VAT «Mikhail Lomonosov») in the tropical Atlantic. Briefly describe the development of marine geology at different periods of its existence: in the days of the USSR and Ukraine. Made a historic section of the development of scientific areas and schools, geological dynasties, the development of hardware and methods, improving the methods of research in the sea, providing swimming facilities maritime expeditions (surface and submarine fleet) and displayed in terms of the further development of the geology of the oceans and seas in Ukraine. attempt in the 50th anniversary of the end of the first Ukrainian official for marine geologists USSR Academy of Sciences (NAS of Ukraine) expedition, which took place during the twelfth flight NDS "Mikhail Lomonosov" in the tropical Atlantic, recreate the historical course of events that led to this sea expedition and recall the scientific community on the official start investigations bottom waters of the oceans Ukrainian researchers. It is shown that the knowledge of Ukrainian researchers waters of the oceans using conventional methods and techniques that have been in service in Oceanology of the USSR, but in addition, they have developed methodological and instrumental principles of nuclear-physical methods of geological studies of sediments waters (apparatus and methods for determining water-physical properties of sediments and pore waters hydrochemistry study) and created and improved methods. According its history, the geology of the oceans and seas experienced its heyday in the USSR. The current phase of the complex, ambiguous and has a different assessment scientists. Some estimate it as a naval expeditions stagnation and decline of theoretical research. Other developing the idea of rethinking the strategic approach to the development of this field of science in our country, synthesis of theoretical and practical scientific development, establishment of contacts with the international community and so on.Key words: Marine geology, research vessel «Mikhail Lomonosov», Tropical Atlantic, research areas and schools, research fleet in Ukraine.  

Author Biography

S. H. Polovka, Uman State Pedagogical University Paul Tychyna
Uman State Pedagogical University Paul Tychyna


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